Over Our Heads


This has been a week of prayer for me. A week of praying for so many different people in my life and varied situations. Some are even life and death kind of needs. Some just need life breathed into them. No matter the need, to each one – they are flat out hard. Life can be like that at times.

At times like this, I have a go to🙂 You probably have one as well. For some it may be chocolate or coffee or potato chips or a new pair of shoes. For me? It’s an old CD and a song I came to love several years ago.

I pull it out of my stack of CD’s, pop it in wherever I am. It will follow me for as long as I need it – to the kitchen while I cook, to my room while I make my bed and get ready in the morning. And to my car, the very best place of all! Seriously, it will be blasting as loud as I can take it and well, let’s just say, I’ll probably be singing equally as loud. And I will sing it until my soul believes it with every shred of my being once again.

The song is Over My Head by Brian Littrell. Heck, it’s playing now.

Let’s face it, we often find ourselves over our heads. But the truth is this ….

We can be over our head with Jesus. It’s where I want to be. And I want you to be too!

Know why?

When we are over our head with Jesus, nothing else can get over on us!

Jesus. He is so worthy of our trust, our praise, our holding onto Him. And believe me on this, His grip on each one of us is tighter than our grip on Him will ever be. He is determined not to lose a single one of us.

If life is hard at this moment, know the enemy had to ask permission of our Lord to gain access to you. Much like Satan went to God for permission to get at Job (see Job Chapter 1), he has to get through God first to get to any one of us. God gives him permission for two reasons – He knows there is something to be gained by it and He knows we will prove faithful. He knows it!

He also had to ask to get to Peter. Check this out:

“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift each of you like wheat. But I have pleaded in prayer for you, Simon, that your faith should not fail. So when you have repented and turned to me again, strengthen your brothers.” (Luke 22:31-32, NLT)

Satan had to get permission to gain access to Peter. Jesus was praying for Peter so that his faith would not fail. He knew Peter would come out better than he went in. He knew when Peter came back, that sifting the enemy thought would destroy Peter, would serve to strengthen Peter. It only removed the weakness in Peter, making Peter a force to be reckoned with. Peter became the one who would strengthen his brothers and those around him and many through the ages to come.

Let’s ask Him to make us strong and courageous.

May we be over our heads with Jesus!


Today I may be joining … Coffee For Your Heart, Three Word Wed., Words of Life Wed., Wedded Wed., Wed. Prayer Girls, Whimsical Wed., Winsome Wed., Works For Me, A Little R & R .

15 thoughts on “Over Our Heads

  1. It’s not uncommon to hear someone talk about a day of prayer. But there’s something that struck me deep when I read your words, ‘a week of prayer.’ So deep and committed and powerful. I’m struck that this is what He must want from us, all the time. For there is no end to the needs which should brinig us to our knees.

    And yet we’re mostly content with just a drive-by conversation.


    I needed the gentle conviction you’ve offered today, my friend.

    Thank you …

    • Linda, some days it truly is drive-by conversation as you put it. And literally in the car driving🙂 But then there are some days which call for commitment. So very grateful He is attentive to every prayer! Blessings to you today!

  2. Thank you for sharing your go to🙂 and your thoughts. I’ve never heard this song before–it’s beautiful. Right now, my go to🙂 is watching hummingbirds–I have twelve sitting on my feeder at this moment. Despite their tiny size, they are mighty warriors and long-distance travelers that provide endless entertainment and awe.

  3. Praying for you as you pray through this tough time and hard situations. God is right there with you…YOU are not alone! I have seen god move in hopeless situations in my life and work things out for his glory. Keep writing, keep encouraging, keep sharing what is on your heart…God is right there with you in the deepness of life. He will see you through. –The song was awesome. It is ministering to my heart as I write. Blessings on you my dear friend. Stopping by from little R &R

  4. I’ve never heard this song before. Listening to it as I type and it’s beautiful. Over my head with Jesus . . . what a wonderful place to be. I love how He’s always right there for us. I had a moment tonight when I felt over my head with the “stuff” that just keeps happening. After a momentary self-pity party I remembered how He is my strength and He has gotten me through these past eight months, he will get me through these next two and more! Great post. Much love. xoxo

    • Amazing to think it has been 8 months already, Beth. God has been so faithful to take you through seasons & situations. He is so good to us. May you have a wonderful time at the conference! Love & blessings to you!

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