Of Serving, Comparison & Challenges


I can hardly believe it is Saturday again🙂 I know time flies but a group of us were talking and concluded … this has been the fastest summer ever. May we slow down, just a bit today and take time to savor a few of my favorite reads:

1) If you have ever stripped wallpaper, you will be able to fully relate with this post. Kate shares a few insights learned from her DIY project concluding with …. “You don’t have to be perfect for Jesus to make you beautiful.”


2) There probably is not a one of us who has not battled fiercely with comparison and jealousy. But it is usually a battle we deny or face silently. Rarely do we bring it out into the open unless you are this author. Michelle openly discusses it in this post with the same transparency she shared about her struggles with faith in her recent book, Spiritual Misfit. Seriously, if you have not yet read it, you should.


3) We’ve all heard, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In this post, get a peek at how love looks when in action. Both words and photos will move you to tears. Because Jesus needs no words to make Himself known.


4) School is about to start soon and for some it already has. In this post is some wonderful insight to challenge teachers. If taken to heart, you will never be able to think of your students in the same light again.


5) Creation, words and photos. This post has all three demonstrating, “I cling to His goodness no matter what life hurls at me. And I am filled.”


May you enjoy each one of these posts. And have a wonderful Saturday!




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8 thoughts on “Of Serving, Comparison & Challenges

  1. Comparison is a struggle of mind and God loves to remind me that He created me exactly as I am. The post on comparison was the perfect reminder for this weary soul! I always enjoy seeing your collection of posts and thank you for always linking to the Saturday Soiree Blog Party!

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