Huge earrings vs Tiny earrings: which one should you choose?

The choice of earrings greatly depends on the shape of your face. There has been an innovation in the designs of earrings these days with the designers willing to experiment in the shapes and sizes. Now, you can find a wide variety of shapes in earcuffs online as well as offline which you can select according to your personal taste.

Here are the choices in huge and tiny earrings according to the shape of your face that you can choose accordingly. Read further to know more:

  1. Inverted triangle shape face

The inverted triangle face shape has a wide forehand and narrower and pointy chin. If you reckon with this face shape, it is preferable that you choose earrings that would draw away attention from the wide forehand and would create an illusion of a balanced jawline. Chandelier or drop earrings are perfect for this face shape.

  1. Round shape face

The round shape face has wide cheekbones with no taper towards the chin. For such a face shape, you should choose something that would give an illusion of an elongated face and make it look slim. Do not pick up earrings that are round in shapes such as big loops, or button studs, instead, go for the drop or dangle earrings that are longer in length. Do not, in any case, choose round shaped earrings as that would only highlight the roundness of the face.

  1. Heart shape face

People who have the heart shape face often have a wider forehead with a narrow lower part just like a heart is. For this, you would need something that can balance your sharp chin and in that case, the chandelier or teardrop earrings are a perfect choice. You can also go for earrings which are wider at the lower part that would make your face look balanced.

  1. Long and narrow shaped face

For faces that are long and thin, earrings that would highlight the width of your face are preferable. Choose clustered earrings, hoops that are between medium to large size, or short dangles. Round earrings, on the other hand, would widen your face and make it look fuller.

  1. Square shaped face

Square shaped faces often have a wide square jawline with the forehead in a similar proportion.  In order to soften the sharp edges of the face, you should choose earrings which are medium to long in size along with round edges. Oval, circular, and hoop shapes, on the other hand, would often soften the face edges. You should avoid wearing a square-shaped earring that would only add to the squareness of the face.

Apart from the shape of the face, the structure also plays a huge role in the selection of the right earrings. For instance, if you have a small and fine bone structure, go for earrings that are thin, delicate, and flat. For medium-sized bone structure, earrings which are medium sized are a perfect fit. At last, for large bone structure, earrings with size ranging from medium to heavy are the best choice.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose huge or tiny earrings, just make sure that the earrings go with the shape of your face. As a neutral advice, you should have both the tiny and huge earrings handy in your accessory box as you never know whichever one would come handy on a particular occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Start searching for your favorite earrings and make sure to carry them off with the outfit with grace and elegance.