Pre and post – Wild and Crazy Ads In the Past, And Today’s Direct Marketing Solutions

Today’s advertisers are controlled by regulatory physiques for example Ofcom and also the Advertising Standards authority but in the past of advertising it appears the advertiser gave free rein to their own creativeness! Let us check out among the earliest advertising gambits only one that continues to be extremely effective even today – the “pre and post” scenario.

Within the 1800s, unscrupulous advertisers made absolutely crazy claims using “Pre and post” graphics. Some very nice types of trade cards issued within the late 1800s are featured within an excellent book by Ben Crane known as “The Pre and post trade card”. I’ll describe a couple of examples.

The purveyor of “Faircum Cough Drops” were built with a very bold claim on his phone card – “All public loudspeakers and singers rely on them” and also the “before” picture shows an opera singer flaked in a seat behind the curtain not able to do. One Faircum Cough Drop later there she’s, belting out her lung area on stage playing to some packed audience.

The repetition for that “Haas Fix for Creatures” had a much better product as to think his card. The scene reaches a rustic fair within the “prize pig competition”. One pig-pen has “first prize” written undecided also it houses three healthy, smiling pigs. Also written undecided may be the message “We used Haas Remedy”. A fence from the next pig-pen bears the content “We didn’t use Haas Remedy” and also the three pigs for the reason that pen are lying on their backs with trotters pointing towards the sky – stone dead!

Rennes Discomfort Killing Magic Oil was very good stuff, too. The folks pictured around the card ‘re going mad to obtain the product. They’ve arms in slings, walking sticks, toothaches, bellyaches, headaches whereas individuals who’ve acquired a container are pictured walking on your way with smiles on their own faces.

M W Chase manufactured furniture for schools and places of worship as well as their “pre and post” picture informs a crazy story. One poor child perched on the plain school bench has been seriously beaten by his teacher who’s wielding a switch. However, a young child sitting in a bench produced by M W Chase is silently studying a magazine, without doubt showing the furniture produced by M W Chase makes children well-socialized and never looking for a great thrashing.

Although Ofcom and also the ASA were not around in individuals days it is simple to think of the travelling salesperson being exhaust town by maqui berry farmers with sickly pigs or by teachers with comfortable but unmanageable pupils. Move ahead by more than a century as well as an online search of “pre and post” implies that the genre is alive and kicking though you may still find types of unscrupulous goings-up with the periodic report of the incidence of picture-tampering.

However, the majority of today’s advertisers while using “pre and post” theme are entirely honest within their efforts to portray an effortlessly understood message. The issue that lots of encounter, however, isn’t being exhaust town by maqui berry farmers and teachers but merely the best way to obtain that message before the clientele. Let us take like for like. Today’s advertiser may want to advertise an item towards the UK’s pig maqui berry farmers and also the product would be better offered using a “pre and post” theme. An immediate marketing effort happens to be an ideal answer.

Which brings the now familiar problem of methods to boost the amount of the direct marketing piece above individuals posted by competitors. Well, stop worrying because there are products available on the market that are absolutely ideal for portraying the “pre and post” theme and which are perfect for junk mail. Probably the most easy and yet ingenious devices is famous generically within the United kingdom as whether “picture dissolve” or perhaps a “dissolving picture”. The merchandise is custom printed to exhibit the preferred message so when the recipient pulls a tab at one finish, the primary picture dissolves in to the new picture.

Actually, the versatile picture dissolve method is absolutely tailor-designed for the host of advertising styles centred on altering scenes. Have a company who’s relocating to new premises, something that is re-launched within new name, an advancement in technology, a rise in speed, a noticable difference in performance, an additional component – the suggestions are multitudinous! There are plenty of totally classic campaigns that might have been portrayed on these picture dissolve devices…. Melts inside your mouth, Not with you….. Possess a break Possess a package Kat….. That’s Covering, Which Was…. due to the fact the product’s primary feature is really a altering scene.

So, for today’s advertiser while using “pre and post” theme there’s you don’t need to make crazy claims – only use a marketing product which captures the client’s imagination.

Before you look for direct marketing solutions for your brand, consider your objectives and define your audience. It is wise to work with a professional marketing firm that can offer the right mix of services, but without spending a fortune.