Weirdest RV Destinations In The U.S.

While there are hundreds of destinations across the US that are considered desirable due to their access to great sights and activities, there are a wide range of sites that attract visitors due to their weird factors. These sites have features that make them stand out from all the others since they offer unusual sights, strange animals, and other quirky aspects that make them popular with travelers looking for something beyond just the adventure of the open road. The following sites attract many travelers who pull up in their camper rentals in order to experience their strange charms. If you happen to fall into this category of traveler, then keep these sites in mind for your next trip.

Olney, Illinois

This region is legendary due to the presence of a strange creature called the Albino Squirrel. These animals have incredible features including red eyes and white fur that make them among the strangest creatures to be found in the US. The town of Olney is so fond of their regional creature that the squirrels have the right of way on every street in town. In the woods surrounding the town you can see them up close and personal, get a good photo, and camp out at one of the many RV sites in the region.

Alliance, Nebraska

Right outside of this small Nebraskan town lies one of the strangest monuments to be found anywhere in the US. For here you will find Carhenge. Based off the legendary Stonehenge monolithic monument in England, Carhenge is an adaption of the stones only made of of the husks of old cars. Built in 1987 by a man of the region who was fascinated by Stonehenge, this weird monument has been attracting tens of thousands of visitors per year ever since. Erected in the middle of a wheat field, Carhenge is the perfect photo opportunity and a testament to the strange charm of the American landscape. For those in search of strange sights in the US, this one has to be seen to be believed.

Mitchell, South Dakota

This sleepy South Dakota town plays host to one of the most offbeat buildings of the US landscape, the Corn Palace. Built back in the 1800s as a monument to the corn that kept the state rich, the building features Russian turrets and is so massive that it houses a rodeo inside. The Palace recently underwent a massive renovation and is standing taller and stronger than ever. Many travelers pull up their camper rentals each year to check out this breathtakingly strange building and even check out a rodeo inside. The American open road is full of strange sites, and the Corn Palace is on the short list for the strangest.

Freeport, Maine

You don’t usually think of desert landscapes when imagining Maine, but there is in fact a 300 acre stretch of desert landscape in the babbling brooks section of the state. Formed by glaciation over 10,00 years ago, this desert stretch is indeed hotter than the lands surrounding it, has very little growth, and takes on all the aspects and features one would normally associate with a desert. If this sounds to strange to be true, then you should definitely swing by Freeport at some point and see it for yourself. We can assure you it’s the truth, and this makes the desert of Maine easily one of the strangest sights in the land.

Spring Green, Wisconsin

Eccentric architect Alex Jordan built and incredibly house as his summer retreat in this small Wisconsin town, known as the House On The Rock. Not only is this structure one of the strangest you will ever lay your eyes on but it also boasts the man’s interesting and eclectic collection of strange artifacts that were amassed over his lifetime This makes The House On The Rock into something between a museum and an architectural attraction. You can easily spend a whole day here, marveling at the genius architecture and angles of the house, plus browsing the assortment of odds and ends that reveals endless treasures and strange finds. There are many places to camp in the region as well, so this is definitely a site you will want to keep on your list if you’re seeking out strange American landmarks.

There are many strange sights across the US, and nearly all of them are accessible to those traveling in camper rentals and looking to experience the weirder attractions of the road. A great thing to do is look up all the weird features within a certain region and planning your trip so that you can hit them all. There is a growing movement within the traveler community of those with strange tastes in sites, so if you fall into this category then make sure to keep these attractions on your bucket list.